TOOLS OF THE TRADE – Which Brush Should …

TOOLS OF THE TRADE – Which Brush Should You Use For What?
How many make up brushes do you have? and how many do you actually need ? Often we have so many or none!
Make up brushes aren’t an all-in-one, every single one has a specific use. Our FM cosmetics brushes are all designed and created with that in mind and there are a good handful of them. Below are the most common brushes that you will find in a brush set, what they’re used for and how you should be using them.

This kind of brush is primarily for liquid, cream and mousse based foundations, tinted moisturiser and for blending concealer. It is much more beneficial to use a brush rather than fingers as we have a lot of oil content in our fingers tips which then mixes with your product. You will never get the best result with your fingers. A sponge is good but absorbs all the product which is then waisted, you wash it out or throw it away. You will get the most flawless look with a brush a your foundation will last longer as you won’t use as much product. I recommend regular washing, maybe every couple of weeks depending on how often you use it to stop clogging. To identify you should be looking for a large oval flat shaped brush.

This brush is set aside for applying blusher to the cheeks and is a larger size with a flat round or slightly angled brush. For stick or cream blusher you can apply with your fingertips for a dewy look. If your using a brush make sure it’s a separate one to your powder blush brush (so they don’t clump up). You should never use a sponge to apply blusher, you should be using your brush lightly stroking your cheeks.

These brushes are primarily used for compact powders and come in various sizes. They ordinarily have a wide oval brush at the end which is perfect for applying to the whole face. You can also get smaller powder brushes to be used for eye shadows and more medium sized brushes to apply powders to cheeks, chin and forehead.

This brush is generally smaller in size but do differ for different applications. It’s usually rounded at the tips and can be used for both powder eye shadows as well as creams. Slightly larger ones are good for blending colours and smaller ones for applying. I would suggest having separate brushes for powder and cream and the brush should be cleaned off after every use. With powder eye shadow you can simply brush it on kitchen roll again wash regular to stop clogging of products and mixed pigments. Just be sure not to be forceful with the brush. Looking after good brushes will last you a long time.

A lip brush is a small and thin brush used for applying and blending lipstick on the lips. A good tip is to wet the brush before applying lipstick for a smoother coat as it helps your lipstick to last longer. This brush should ideally be cleaned after 2 or 3 uses to stop the brush clogging, or if you’re applying different colours after every use.

This rather fun looking brush is fan shaped with a thin handle and is used to apply powder blusher to the cheeks. Many disregard this brush but it is actually a very handy and helpful tool. You can use this brush for powder blusher or for blending or brushing away loose powder.

This brush is different from all the others as it is not only angled but is flat at the end. This brush is used to fill in gaps in eyebrows, should your eyebrow pencil not really do the job. Some will even use this brush only to apply colour to eyebrows, using powders, which gives a more natural look. You can also use this brush, if you want, to apply gel eyeliner.

This is the smallest of all the brushes with a very thin pointed end and is used to apply liquid and gel eyeliners. Some eyeliners will come with their own brush, but these are not always very good. As with all your brushes they ideally need to all be cleaned regular, they should be washed with a delicate shampoo or a specific brush shampoo like FM Professional Brush shampoo and FM Brush spray which effectively removes make up and sanitizes too.
If you require any help or advice please just ask.

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